Arriving into Robe is one of the most unique coastal experiences that Australia has to offer.

The fact that this beautiful little village is situated on the southern coastline of Australia yet faces north over the stunning expanse of Guichen Bay is just the beginning of what makes Robe so unique.

Guichen Bay has a limestone base that lends this stunning bay an element that can be truly breathtaking.

Depending on the elements of the day the water of this bay ranges in colour from the deepest of emerald greens to the lightest of turquoise blues and a spectrum in between.You can be in Robe for weeks and be constantly surprised with what this natural phenomena may deliver up for the day.

Robes architecture is made up of some of South Australia's more cherished heritage listed sandstone buildings. Stepping out of one of these white washed gems on a beautiful morning the first thing most visitors experience is some of the freshest coastal air this planet has to offer.

Even after years of living in Robe I am still stopped in my tracks smelling what could only be described as a stunning combination of salt and honey in the air.

Surrounding a bay that is so clean and well balance. Supporting a fishing industry that focuses on some of the best eating fish this country has to offer and of course the famous southern ocean rock lobster while seeing acres of vineyards that blanket the undulating horizon can leave you thinking… where am I?

Once you visit Robe it is easy to understand why people get hooked and return again and again for decades.