Grey Masts is a sandstone building built in the early to mid nineteenth century. It was built with a specific purpose in mind and this has left us a building that has a very unique design. Lending itself beautifully to a guest house that can be booked by one party or three separate parties needing all the comforts of a self contained getaway. All three listings have their own entrances into the building. Along with their own living spaces bathrooms and out door areas. Offering three unique styles of accommodation.

You can either book ‘The Snug’ which is a stand alone two bedroom cottage. With a queen size bedroom and a second comprising two single beds. A very ‘snug’ living room and a gorgeous little kitchen. The kitchen has two hotplates but no oven. There is a microwave and a dishwasher along with all other basic kitchen requirements.

Then we have the Port suite which is a one bedroom suite comprising a queen size bedroom with en suite. A gorgeous living room with pot belly stove and private entrance.

Then we have the Starboard suite. Comprising of a queen size bedroom and a second with two single beds. A very spacious living room and private entrance hall. The Starboard suite has two bathrooms.

The Port suite living room and the Starboard suite living room also have fold out beds for that extra guest.

A wonderful element in the design of this building is a beautiful dining room that lies between the Port and Starboard suites. With a large galley kitchen at the southern end of the dining room. Opening to the north over Guichen Bay. The room works beautifully as a communal island between these two private spaces. With thick wooden doors closing you off from any interaction when privacy is all you need. Leaving you permanent access to a stunning room filled with art and a collection of books that are there for your enjoyment.